‘Rename Robert Mugabe Road to Emmerson Mnangagwa’

AN MDC-T Harare City councillor has proposed that Robert Mugabe Road in the capital be renamed after President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Contributing to a debate on the naming of streets in new suburbs, Glen Norah councillor, Wellington Chikombo said since former president Mugabe had a street and an international airport named after him, it would be “fair if the street was to be named after President ED Mnangagwa”.

“Your worship, I think we need to be careful when it comes to naming streets or buildings after some people. We need to avoid over burdening one person by piling names on him.

“We have Robert Mugabe street named after him, we have Robert Mugabe International Airport and now informally though, we have the so called Robert Mugabe square. We risk confusing ourselves and our people. I was proposing that we could change the street and name after the new president ED Mnangagwa,” he said.

Chikombo did not find supporters to his initiative with mayor Bernard Manyenyeni saying the matter should be ventilated at committee levels and by-laws need to be changed to allow eminent personalities in society to be appreciated.

“I request that this matter be dealt with at committee level and that we get clarity on people who should be honoured,” Manyenyeni said.

Zanu PF calls the civic centre opposite the Rainbow Hotel as Robert Mugabe Square while the opposition call it Freedom Square and Manyenyeni said none of the two names were legitimate.

Council wants to name streets in new suburbs but the current by-laws prevent the use of people still alive with the exception of heads of states.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Environmental committee Herbert Gomba said a number of Harare residents were failing to register to vote as some areas have nameless streets.

Council has also approved the closure of Zimbali Gardens — a popular joint which was being used to host weddings, parties and conferences.



  1. talking about names and forgetting about the state of these roads. but Zimbabweans will still fight and die for you, it’s sad.

  2. Still worried about street names. The mdc alliance sounding more like activists than opposition. A few months before election you are still fighting the ghost of mugabe.

  3. You would think there are no more pressing issues. Why name a road after Mnangagwa, what he has done to even deserve that. All the things named Mugabe should also be renamed, no need to name things after a despot.

  4. Let us make the mistake of naming anything after a living human being.

  5. And this is supposed to be future govt, Zim is doomed for sure

  6. Are they building new roads or just noise over old battered roads to impress the equally ego seekers. Why waste money changing names instead of making new ones or at least maintain the shit ones? How would a barrage of names make the road any better?

  7. That’s being primitive for us to rename our roads. Even if you name it Cecil John Rhodes road to me it does not make any difference. Let’s not waste our resources please.

  8. Are these issues to discuss in a full council meeting. Lets be serious and concentrate on issues to do with better service delivery. Hatidi majokosi akadai. Will changing the name of the road improve anything.

  9. Changing names of roads and places is as silly as ululating, dancing, clapping and sloganeering instead of discussing policy and governance programme issues at rallies.

  10. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment…Councellor madiyi kubvisa nzizi nekomba mumigwagwa.

  11. The Councillor is high on drugs, very misplaced contribution.

  12. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment…Vose vachada kusarudzwa kuva maKanzura neMPs ngavaite kuti avo vavanozoda kumiririra vaone CVs avo. Nekuti vamwe vanhu vatirikusarudza??????????????????????????

  13. This is why there is no progress, people are more worried about names of roads and places that were built during colonial times. Instead of building new roads and new buildings and naming those after post colonial persons or those who did good works during colonial times would be more productive. I suppose this is what backward societies do, they waste time on chasing the past while neglecting the present and future.

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