Sport Comment:$130 000, my foot!

THE WORLD of football player buying and selling has always been a tricky one and clubs shy away from stating their player is not on the market.

Instead, they release the player’s value – not the market value – but the price that simply implies the player is not on the market.

Dynamos have registered some players for the Confederations of African Football Champions League and naturally want to start off their preparations on Monday with a full house.

As such, they will rush to clinch some deals as per demands of the technical team.

But when one is charged $130 000 for a player already registered and can be replaced at an extra cost, one suffers heartbreak.

Francesco Zvikumbawire cannot be worth that much and Hwange know that.

Instead, Hwange should be polite enough and let Dynamos know that their player is no longer available for the Champions League and apologise for that.

That could mend relations. Understandably, trying to buy a player who is on a four-year contract is a hustle, but some understanding can surely be reached.

We don’t want to look back at the old Farai Vimisayi saga and say, maybe, Hwange is hitting back because they have agreed to release centre-back Aaron Katebe to the same team.

Various other clubs have agreed to release players to the Harare giants while negotiations continue since Dynamos is representing Zimbabwe.

Years back, we had Espérance of Tunisia turning basically into a “national squad” for the Champions League and what followed was a 6-0 humiliation of Highlanders.

Espérance had basically the same approach to their campaign last year which ended Dynamos’ hopes with a 6-0 annihilation.

What is important to note is the relationship between the club that is representing the country and the rest of the teams from their league.

Yes, players have to be paid for since most of them are not free agents – and Dynamos must pay – but figures have to be reasonable.

Complications on the issue of player transfer arise when one compares what clubs get from the league and the various competitions they take part in during the season.

For instance, Dynamos are $50 000 poorer as they did not get their winning cheque from NetOne after the Charity Shield victory.

They received $100 000 for winning the Mbada Diamonds Cup and a further $75 000 for the Castle Lager title.

That brings their total to $175 000 and certainly 90% of that money cannot be used to pay for one player.

Similarly, Dynamos cannot be asked to pay $18 000 cash for Devon Chafa, where there are payment arrangements that can be made, or even $10 500 for Martin Vengesayi, who played a minor role in last year’s campaign.

But for Dynamos, that is the price the club has to pay for being the most successful outfit in the country and for playing in the Champions League almost every year!

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  1. the problem with harare people is they want harmony only when it suits can’t beat a man today and expect him to give you his son tomorrow.its pay back time.hwange wants refunds for arbitration fees

  2. Whts so special abt Dynamos they hv to pay up they cnt players 4 free.In the first place why register players u hvnt paid 4?

  3. the story has all the hallmarks of an aggreved, bitter reporter cum Dynamos paid up member….whts national abut Dynamos such that all teams shud bow down and offer their players for free…thats does not work….closer home are teams in South Africa mandatered to donate thier best playrs to Pirates …ur report suggest that donated players are to be registered for Africa safari only.. If dynamos this yr retain league title with give away players ur very sports pages will endlessy glorify dynamos

  4. Mr Reporter grow up if you find time. you are a disgrace.nonsense!

  5. Mr Reporter please avoid this faceless report. Do you think Hwange is a football academy that grooms players and donate to other teams. We at Hwange we also want to take the trophy across Gwai river for the first time in the history of mankind. So how are we going to achieve our dream if you want us to donate our good players like that? We want to fight for honours like any other team in the PSL. Please give us space and allow us to prepare for 2013 season. its tough to play in Zim PSL without good players remember. you want us to be relegated just because of Dynamos cause. Iwee zvidzore tiri team wo dzebhora.

  6. Magidalitshone 85

    Liyijwayel’ into yenu lina betshabi.Hwange thank u for the good spirit.Lokhu okungabantu sokujayele ukunyel’ emakhand’ ethu.We will fight till the bitter end madoda.Dynamos-Zanu PF sikhathele ngani NX mani lay’ uWebster Shamu siyazi u r a Dembare but there r politicians out there abangakhulumiyo.NX!NX!NX!

  7. Magidalitshone 85

    Its better Bosso and other Southern Region Teams to pull out of the League largely Hararian.Its true and undisputed that Matabaleland is the home of ceremonial futbol.Harare-De-ZIFA-Mbare MY FOOT.

  8. Magidalitshone 85

    Mukamba a Chinese Shok’a S’htar. Of The Year.Mukamba !Mukamba! Mukamba! My Foot.

  9. Magidalitshone 85

    Mukamba I hate u n’ yo team w passion sorry young man its just natural.

  10. you may shout louder than that but Dembabre will remain dembare forever,Hauna zvaungatiita,All we are saying is you cant sell a loaf bread at $10, thats being unrealistic.Ndovanhu vanoita kuti zvinhu zviome munyika muno,Zimbabweans lets be Zimbabaweans.

    Why do you hate someone who has archived so much,Mukamba, you made us so proud keep it up, May God bless you indeeed

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